The VIP Growth System

Attract new customers. Increase revenue. Get daily visibility and exposure.

Would you like to consistently increase foot traffic, sales, and customer frequency?

We understand the top challenges local businesses face:

Generating a consistent

flow of new customers.


Increasing customer


Increasing brand lift through

ongoing visibility and exposure.



Our Approach to Growth

Potential Reach: 4900 People

Step 1: Visibility and Exposure

Your most profitable customers see your business ads. We’re able to reach your ideal perfect customer most likely to spend money with you.


Step 2: Build a Customer Database

They sign up to receive their special offer. We collect customer information so you can follow up longterm, allowing your advertising dollars to work longer and more effectively.


Step 3: Automated Followup

Our proprietary system sends them sms and email reminders to increase the show rate of customers


Step 4: Result

We’re able to send you happy new customers on a consistent basis!

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Customer Capture Methods

In-store marketing material & graphics



Birthday Club Software Demo

Additional Benefits Of Mobile Coupons and VIP/Birthday Clubs

EXPOSURE: You will reach new customers every day, 24/7/365 because every week a new set of customer's will be targeted to you.

BUILDS YOUR BUSINESS EVERY 7 DAYS: Conventional advertising typically only builds on Fridays/Saturdays where with this system they are spread throughout the week.

GOODWILL: VIP/Birthday Club helps to create a strong sense of affinity and goodwill throughout the community, so you can then become the place to go for celebrations.

BIRTHDAYS ARE ALL YEAR ROUND: Our program runs on autopilot because there are new people with Birthdays all year round, so it's great for those slower seasons.

BUILDING A DATABASE: The database that is built up of Names, Emails & Mobile Phone Numbers is yours to keep, this is a huge asset.


What will Mobile Coupons mean to your business?

Let’s be frank. Marketing can be somewhat costly and is often the first budget to be scaled back. In tough economies, competitive markets and especially for new businesses, a strong marketing budget is a must. Unless people are beating a path to your door, ALL businesses need to market themselves to attract new customers. Strategic marketing is both a long game and short game play.


For example, let’s assume you have 2000 unique customers/transactions per month (plus we'll be driving new customers through Facebook). We make it a goal to get at least 50% of those people on a list. Getting that many people on a list is simple to do because a regular customer already is convinced of your service. They already love, like, and trust you. Ok, now 50% of the 2000 (1000 people) are on a list. It’s now time to remarket to them. It would look like this:



Average transaction: $25

Estimated response: 8-12% (conservative. We’ve seen 20%+ response rates)

Offers per month: 3

3 offers x 8% response rate x 3000 messages (1000 x 3 offers) = 240 redemptions ($6000)


 This simple projection says if we send only three offers per month to the list with an average 8% redemption rate, then we can help you increase revenue by $6000 per month or $72,000 per year. All for what? Simply sending text message offers to your clients list. Are you starting to see how this simple but effective service can not only help you generate new customers, but also keep them coming back?


Another Example:


Average Transaction: the average transaction is $20.

Monthly Unique Customers: Restaurant has 2500 people on a list.

Monthly Message Frequency: 3X month

Average Redemption: 8%


RESULT: 7500 (2500 x 3) messages per month (8% redemption) = 600 additional customers per month & $12,000 per month.


Let me ask you a question: do you think if you could make an additional $12,000 per month, it would be worth a $597 per month investment?

Let's be realistic. I understand this number does not incorporate the discount percentage. It's also assuming every offer will generate the same response (that will rarely happen). However, the important takeaway is for you to realize the true value of having a Mobile VIP Club to help improve revenue. We can help you accomplish ROI on a consistent basis with a properly structured VIP club.


We have developed a set of pricing feature packages that are designed to meet specific business goals and budgets. Our packages are not set in stone, we also customize them to fit your particular goals, niche and budget.


Let us help you generate new customers and keep them coming back, so you can finally grow your business and your lifestyle how you see fit!


There’s no agreement or obligation. If you decide to stop using our service, generating customers for your area, we’ll certainly start forwarding them to someone else.


If you have any queries or questions related to any of our services you can navigate to our services sections or simply contact us. We will make sure that we respond to all the queries we receive and help people make the right choice.


If you're not 100% satisfied with the results that are achieved, we offer a full money back guarantee.

If after 60 days you do not have a growing list of customers & potential customers, as well as new customers coming in weekly and daily brand exposure, we will refund you.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

With the custom-built Mobile VIP/Birthday Club, you can't go wrong.


Free Trial Request


We offer a Free 10-Day Trial (50 free SMS, 50 contacts). We simply ask that you cover the small ad cost of $150 and we waive all the normal fees. If after 10 days, you don’t see any benefit whatsoever, then we’ll find a way to get the $150 back to you. We believe in earning your business, not asking for it.


Click the button below to apply and find out exactly how we can help you dramatically increase business. Our approach to growth is proven, tested, and highly effective. We would rather show you the effectiveness of our work rather than tell you. Continue below to request a free trial of our growth system.